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 Good News for the 80 Million Korean in the World

The Greeting from

You are welcome to visit  

This website is one of the most useful pediatric websites, written into Korean, for the eighty million Koreans in the world. 

This pediatric website is built with the following 25 sections:  

  1. Pediatric and adolescent emergency medical Care

  2. Prevention for diseases and safety accidents in children and adolescents

  3. Growth, development of newborns, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers, adolescents, and parenting

  4. Breast milk, breastfeeding, weaning

  5. Infant formula, cow’s milk, weaning, minerals, vitamin, protein, carbohydrate, fat

  6. Growth, development, care, diseases in newborn Infants

  7. Infectious diseases of children and adolescents

  8. Diseases of the respiratory system in children and adolescents

  9. Diseases of the digestive system in children and adolescents

  10. Diseases of urogenital system diseases in children and adolescents

  11. Diseases of cardiovascular systems in children and adolescents

  12. Neuropsychiatry behavior sleep problem in children and adolescents

  13. Diseases of the blood, lymph, tumors in children and adolescents

  14. Diseases of endocrine, genetics, chromosome, metabolism, and rare diseases

  15. Allergy and autoimmune diseases of children and adolescents

  16. Orthopedics and sports medicine in children and adolescents

  17. Skin diseases in children and adolescents

  18. Diseases of the ears, the nose, the pharynx, and the larynx in children and adolescents

  19. Eye diseases in children and adolescents

  20. Diseases of teeth and oral cavity in children and adolescents

  21. Health care for children and adolescents at home and school

  22. Love unconditionally and really your sons and daughters

  23. Growth, development, diseases in adolescents

  24. Sex education for children and adolescents

  25. The Pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn infant care                                                                                                                      

The content of this website is extensive, easy to understand, practical, useful, and current. It promotes child health, the prevention of diseases, and child-rearing safety for Korean children.

The welfare of a child is dependent upon the healthcare providers in his/her community but most importantly, it is dependent upon a well-informed parent.   

We now live in a global village. In the past, some infectious diseases were only found in isolated areas of the world.  Today, however, some of these diseases have become pandemic.

There seems to be little difference between Western Parenting and Eastern Parenting Styles and no fundamental difference in the principles of medicine, child-rearing practices, and child health care.  All children deserve equal treatment.  

To achieve this goal, parents as well as medical professionals should remain current and up to date regarding health maintenance and the prevention of diseases.  Some of the resources can be found on the internet, television, seminars, textbooks, and references.  

However, some information obtained from these parenting sources and the child health sites may not be relevant for the particular situation, maybe for professionals as opposed to for the parent, or maybe out of date and irrelevant.  With a plethora of information, it can sometimes be difficult to sift through what is pertinent and what is not.  

For the most part, a child’s parent/caregiver provides medical care for their sick child at home, under their physician’s directions.  Though there are times when a parent needs immediate information regarding his/her child’s symptoms or illness and a medical professional may be not available. Furthermore, pediatric information is written in Korean, and available on e-book, video, internet, or reference books are limited.  

The contents of are written into Korean by a Korean/American, pediatric, board-certified physician who has spent almost 45 years caring for pediatric patients and as well as 5 years of experience practicing general medicine in the USA and Korea. This Website contains about 20,000 pages with approximately 20,000 medical illustrations for the child care education of parents and other caretakers. Parents as well as medical professionals can easily read, understand, and apply the information found here. 

However, the information contained in this publication should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations in diagnosis and treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.  This site will be updated with new information accordingly. 

I would also like to thank the contributors that helped me complete the work necessary to create this site. I want to give special thanks to CEO, Hanwoong Chung of

Without my wifes help, can not be presented as now. I am giving a special thanks to her. 

The 3 dollars for 3 years for one person( $1 for a year) will be charged to be a member for



John Sangwon Lee, M.D., FAAP 

Connecticut State Medical Society, 1973 to present
Windham County Medical Society, 1973 to present
American Academy of Pediatrics,1974 to present
American Medical Association 2012-present
Physician license (Active), Korean and Connecticut

Author of the more than 7 kinds of home care for children and adolescents in Korean and

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  • 소아가정의학 백과-618, 1988년 출간,
  • 소아가정간호백과부모도 반의사가 되어야 한다-1076, 1998년 출간,
  • 신생아 영유아 학령기아 사춘기아 성장발육 육아-623 2014년 출간,
  • 신생아 성장 발육 양호 질병, 610 2014년 출간
  • 모유 모유수유 이유 308, 2014년 출간소아청소년
  • 소아청소년 뇌전증(간질)+뇌전증 백문 백답, 240쪽 2015년 출간
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  • 아들 딸 이렇게 사랑해서 키우세요, 210쪽 역저 전 세계 명작Ross Campbell,MD의학 박사 저 1988년 출간
  • 마약과 아이들 약 200쪽, 1988년 출간
  • 아들 딸 조건 없는 진정한 사랑으로 키우세요 그리고 인성교육은 이렇게 2016년 출간 647쪽
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